A lot of sweets and desserts in India are made using milk and usually they are also the most popular ones. One such popular sweet is Rasgulla, it comes from the state of West Bengal which is famous for it’s mouth-watering desserts. They are made from “chhena” which is obtained by curdling the milk. The chhena is mashed, made smooth and then cooked in boiling sugar syrup. The main problem with making them at home is that it doesn’t always turn soft. Actually making this sweet at home is really easy, there are just few basic things which should be kept in mind and they will always turn out perfect. Following this recipe step by step will help you make spongy and mouth watering Rasgulla.






Take a pan and heat milk while stir continuously as we don’t want milk to burn or form malai ( cream) on top.

Once the milk boil, turn the gas flame low and add vinegar and cook till the milk starts curddling or chhena (panner/ cottage cheese) separates.

Now strain the chhena using a muslin cloth and strainer and wash it with water.

Remove excess water but do not remove all the water or else the chhena will become dry.

Now tie chhena in a muslin cloth and hang it on the kitchen sink for 10 mins.

Take the chhena in a plate and start kneading it. Make it soft using your palm. If your chhena balls break while boiling in the sugar syrup , you can add maida(all purpose flour) while kneading the chhena this will help in preventing the balls to break.

Once the chhena becomes soft , make round shape balls out of it by pressing it between the palms.

Take a cooker and add 1 cup sugar + 4 cup water and cook it till the sugar dissolve.

Now in the boiling sugar syrup add the chhena ball and cover it with the lid and cook it in high flame for 10 mins.

Do not put the lid in the cooker just cover the top with the lid . After 10 mins, remove the lid , Rasgulla will become double in size. Now cook for another 5 mins in high flame without covering with the lid. Now switch of gas flame and let it come to room temperature. Do not put in refrigerator for cooling, let it cool normally.

Make sure the rasgulla balls are always completely drenched in the sugar syrup i.e they are covered or soaked in the sugar syrup. If they are not then they will loose their shape and size. Serve once its completely cool.

Your spongy Rasgulla is ready.


* Do not over knead the chenna as it will release its fat and the rasgulla will taste bad.

* Do not over cook as the rasgulla will become hard.

* Use Toned Amul Milk as I have tried with it and the result that you get is perfect.

* Take big cooker as the rasgulla will become double n size.

Do try this recipe and share your views in the comment section.
Happy Cooking!

4 Replies to “Rasgulla”

  1. I tried rasgulla following the instructions everything was ok but the shape of rasgulla become flatten . What may be the reason?

    1. Hello
      The rasgulla shape might have flatten due to excessive moisture in the chhena. The chhena should not have extra moisture or be too dry. While kneading if you still feel the chhena has extra moisture, you can add 1 or 2 tbsp of maida to chhena so that the extra moisture can be adjusted.
      Do try again and share your experience with us.

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